Today I decided to apply Terraform, as the first DevOps tool to be used in production.
It took me a day to apply the guides in our environment.

My Terraform Github repo

The following files are required for this to work in the project folder

The password variables are in this one – so this is added to git-ignore

These are really just references

I won’t post the main file, but that is the one with the configuration. See GitHub for the current one.

The process

  • first run a plan, export it to a file, so that you can safely check, what will happen.
  • If all looks good, you can deploy it

this will go on for a while…

meanwhile in vmware…

After this the VM should be available eventually.


Sometimes the creation goes forever, and customisation fails…that happened with sysprep-ed template, and some say it is due to the fact that Terraform does it’s own sysprep and does not expect the template to be sysprep-ed.

(This is still to be verified)