I have made some changes on my home server (I can see that now it will be a constantly evolving project).

I have separated the main functions into 5 (currently) separate stacks.

  • core stack (highly important and/or shared containers)
  • database stack (considered good idea to separate most databases)
  • devops stack (these are for my self-education)
  • ghost stack (for blogging – using Ghost as the blog engine- probably will need to rename this, but will do for now)
  • media server stack – this is where most of the magic happens. I am considering further separation, also some elements are redundant, I might turn off the ones marked with red; also most certainly will add further services to this)


I have a few things on my list.

  • need to do some cleanup in the /etc/environment file (I have almost certainly left a few unused variables, that I need to take off)
  • removing / rearranging some volumes, or folders related to volumes
  • trying to fix some services that I could not get to work yet; or finding alternatives for them
  • removing unused / replaced service codes from the compose files