Hardware list

In today’s post, I would like to show you around my homelab and my home office setup.
Admittedly it is in a bit of a “transitional” state, as I am currently on the market to source some more enterprise-graded hardware, also a proper firewall and cabinet, but here is the current list anyway:

  • 1x HP ProCurve 1810G – 24 GE, P.1.17, eCos-2.0 switch
    • 24 gigabit ports
  • 1x QUNAP QTS TS-809 NAS
    • 8 x 3 TB disk
    • Raid 10
    • 11 TB usable space
  • 5x k8s nodes
    • master 1: HP Desktop M01-F1xxx
      • this is actually a full size desktop PC with 9th gen Intel proc, running the Plex pod)
    • master 2: Viglen Genie VIG750S (this is actually an ASUS mini PC)
    • master 3 / worker 4 -5: Dell Inc. OptiPlex 3020M min PCs

Home setup

I won’t go into details on the other hardware I use, but feel free to glance over my current full setup:

I normally do my development work from my laptop, using Pop OS. Occasionally I use Windows – on laptop or on my desktop PC – although nowadays this is mostly for my rare gaming sessions.


My kubernetes cluster is currently comprised of the 5 nodes, connected to an nfs backend (the NAS).

cluster nodes

It runs a huge – and ever growing – list of services, as expected. it’s current state can be seen here.