About Me

I am an IT engineer with near a decade of IT experience

my main focus areas are:

  • Server operation (Windows & Linux)
  • Scripting (Power Shell primarily, with occasional bash/batch/vbs flavour)
  • Active Directory (and AAD, Office 365, Exchange and all kind of directory) administration
  • Virtualisation, hyper-converged systems

I am also on a path to branch out towards devops – and on a smaller scale, web developer – technologies.

  • I have experience with Docker (mainly via personal projects)
  • I utilise Ansible (and familiar with Chef / Puppet on a basic level)
  • I am familiar with Terraform, Packer, Vagrant, and I use Git on a daily basis
  • Sometimes I even dable with SQL

Outside of work, I most likely can be found looking after my little daughter, occasionally around various pubs of London and the surrounding areas, cinemas, or just in the wild (aka hiking). I am also somewhat an avid [pc – the master race – only] gamer.

Thanks for checking out my page, feel free to say ‘hi’,
Fabrice Semti

(also, check out my Github!)