About Me

I am an IT engineer with near a decade of IT experience

my main focus areas are:

  • Server operation (Windows foucsed; but using Linux in personal projects)
  • Scripting (I mostly use PowerShell / PowerShell DSC, but also have some familiarity with Python, bash, and then some…)
  • Active Directory (and AAD, Office 365, Exchange and all kind of directory) administration
  • Virtualisation, hyper-converged systems

I am also on a path to branch out towards devops – and on a smaller scale, web developer – technologies.

  • I have experience with Docker / Kubernetes (using the later extensively in my personal home lab)
  • I utilise Ansible (and familiar with Chef / Puppet on a basic level)
  • I am familiar with Terraform, Packer, Vagrant, and I use Git on a daily basis, including GitHub Actions CI/CD
  • Sometimes I even dable with SQL, PostGresSQL or MariaDB, MongoDB

Outside of work, I most likely can be found looking after my little daughter, occasionally around various pubs of London and the surrounding areas, cinemas, or just in the wild (aka hiking). I am also somewhat an avid gamer (PC only please!), or rather used to be one.

Thanks for checking out my page, feel free to say ‘hi!’,
Fabrice Semti

(also, check out my Github!)

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