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CSV –> SQL (using PS)

In a recent private project, I have been asked to create a scripted way to import / update data from multiple CSV files (with the same structure, in a folder) to a SQL database.I am usually not too interested in database work, but I was taken this up, to expand my horizon. My solution (it…

Migrate from file share to OneDrive

Today just very briefly I want to share one of my latest work-in-progress scripts. In one of my latest tasks I had to find a way to migrate user data from a server share (actually DFS share) to Microsoft’s very own one drive. The challenge (for me) was the creation of the CSV from a…

Run on a specific day only

Just a simple script demo: I have been asked to figure out a way to run a certain task in the task scheduler, when the system reboots, but only on a certain day. Now by default, you can have either of these. A task executes either at startup or according to a time schedule. So…

K8S at home

It has been a while now…but I spent the evenings of the past few weeks with self-learning (ie. hardcore “Google-ing”, as every self-respecting devs do nowadays…), and finally got a good grip on Kubernetes. While I am under no illusion that I would consider myself knowledgable, I managed to create a small lab / “private…

vSphere templating with Packer

In recent times I started to utilise Devops Tools more and more in my daily work, as I try to optimise my workload. As my current company mostly uses private cloud (vSphere) and almost exclusively Windows, I am somewhat in a challenging situation – as nowadays everything is around the public cloud and Linux systems….

New (blog) home

Hurray! Today I moved my old blog from hosted WordPress to AWS (Lightsail). Think this deserves a beer!

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